Last race?

Author: Erlend Strand Rokseth (transl. Anna Helena Stoller     Photo: Erlend Strand Rokseth     Publish date: 03.02.13 14:08

On the start Hilde Askildt mentioned that this is gonna be her last Femundløp. She said she has to take care about her health. It´s not the first time she hints the topic of slowing down with sleddogracing but this time it will be definitive, as she confirmes.


Hilde Askildt is on of the vetrans in the Femundrace. She claimed herself in years with under a 2. place in her first Femundrace in 2003. But this year´s is certain her last one.

Woolen blankets and sealskinn flaps
- Well, it´s the last one. I have to think about my healts too, she explains in the starting zone. Askildt is used to get good suppoet from the dogs and a good team work. This year she feels like she has been doing a lot of work by herself. Anyway she is happy to be able to start at all. Some of her dogs did get frost damages. For reason of that she could borrow 3 dogs for this years race. To take the best possible care about the most exposed and delicate dogs did she call up some of her friends to sew woolen blankest and sealskinn flaps for protection against wind.

Careless on ice

In Søvollen is she far away from melancholy and nostalgia. She is sweet talking with her dogs and jokes with her "best-of-the-world-super-handler" Kari Efjestad.

- Everything is going just fine. All of us are taking part, encluding me, she specified and looked on a blessure she got in autumn by not taking enough care on slippery trail and a heavy load. - Dryfood, of course, was her blank add.

With this Askildt did her best to cut down expections. But it´s obvious that she woulden´t be sad about a last good placement to finish her Femund career. Right now she is running in a good position with under the first 10.