Start No. 1 - 20th place

Author: Fredrik Ljone Holst (transl. Espen Rasch-Ekstrøm)     Photo: Fredrik Ljone Holst     Publish date: 03.02.13 13:34

It's still says number one on the sled of Dag Broch, but as he predicted, it did not last long that he lead the field. By Grimsbu he is on 20th place.

Before the start of the race there was a relaxed musher who we met, he thought it was okay to get away from the stress and rather have time to spare to get to the start sail. And he looks not to appear any more stressed at Grimsbu. He takes time out to share a tip on the trail with Nina Skramstad before she embarks on Folldal round.

Nothing suggests that Dag is unhappy with a little more anonymous life in the middle of the field. Then it is also the first time he mushes the  600, and the aim is to complete the race. Before starting, he predicted that there would be competitors who would overtake him shortly after start. By Storvartz it was obvious the word carried with them a premonition, but it turned out to not be quite in the way he had imagined.

-I crashed into a rock after four miles and stood there for a while to fix the sled.

He was able to fix the sled, and after that the race has gone well. When he came to Grimsbu he still had 11 dogs in the team, and he boasts of their efforts on the trail.

-They run great and seems to have found a good rhythm, says Dag.

In the staging area the rookie handler Line Nordvik also very pleased with this year Femundløp. Like Dag and the dogs, she has had no problem making it from checkpoint to checkpoint, the only thing she is misses is a little more sleep.

-But the beds here are very good, she says with a smile and look forward to getting some rest while team number 1. is out on Folldal round.