Arrival at Søvollen

Author: Tonje Lilleås (transl. Femke van Gastel)         Publish date: 03.02.13 11:19

In the morninghours the teams in the F400 began arriving at Søvollen checkpoint. This time Ole Wingres was the first, a bit ahead of Morten Borgen (photo). A half our ater David Wessel Johansen arrived. The pace on the trail has been high, but that also has its price.

Easy stage

Ole Wingres is quiet and effective at the restingplace. His seven dogs looked like they were appreciating their rest on the straw, and Ole is finished with his dogcare when Morten Borgen arrives. He has more to say about the trail: - It went really well. It never was this easy for me to go over to Søvollen. It became cold afterwards, so it was good to come til places were I could kick, he says.

He takes his time with his dogs and cheerfully shouts. He also takes his time to change the runners on his sled.

Thinking about startmoney

Number three to arrive is David Wessel Johansen. He is also quick with his dogs and consults with his handler and veterinarian. It is clear that not all dogs are as fit. Last year David had to give up at Søvollen and it is safe to say that the thought made itself known again.

- If it had been a race that just went to Søvollen, I would have been happy. Maybe I should just start paying only half of the startmoney instead, he jokes when the veterinarian and handler take an extra look at his dogs.

Tender shoulders

The math so far is that two dogs will have to go out, maybe another one as well. It are the shoulders that hurt after a long run at a good speed.

- I still don't get it completely though. These kind of distances are never a problem at trainingtrips, David think out loud.