Three in at Drevsjø

Author: Erlend Strand (transl. Femke van Gastel)         Publish date: 03.02.13 02:16

Elisabeth Edland was the first to arrive at Drevsjø. With that she quickly grabbed a gift certificate from Østlendingen, right before the nose of Ole Wingren that came in second. A short time after Marit Beate Kasin arrived.

Tired reserve

Ole Wingren left the checkpoint as quickly as he arrived. The only thing he had time for was to leave behind a dog that didn't pull enough anymore. Handler Ronny Wingren took care of him and made sure a veterinarian checked him out. - She is just tired. She made the team at the last minute, he explains.

The rest of the team from Ole Wingres was definitely ready to continue. With raised heads they looked over their shoulders, waiting for the go signal. They are still running without booties. - We don't use them when the temperature is this warm, handler Ronnie Wingres says.


Required to be exciting

Ronny also curiously watches Elisabeth when she spreads out the straw and boiles water. - Wow, is she stopping here? Then she has to continue in a straight line to Tolga, he muses out loud. - It helps to keep the race exciting, which is a good thing, he concludes with a smile.

Secret plan

Elisabeth herself does not want to say to much about her secret plan. Instead she points to her hander Per Olav, who is the one that works out the 'drivingplan'. When handler Per Olav is informed about Ronny's thoughts, he says that Ronny is probably not too far of.

Instead of talking about her plan, Elisabeth can tell that the stage went well. She is especially happy that she crossed the weather-exposed Kvenvikhøgda first. - I had many dreaded thoughts about that! So now it is not that important how the rest of the race goes, she says without sounded very convincing.

Booties for everyone

The Wingrene and Elisabeth have known each other since the Scanpream in Finland in 1999. A lot of times they have also fought for the lead on trails. Even last year, they were tied when they arrived at checkpoint Drevsjø. That time it was Ole Wingren that drew the longest straw.

So far Elisabeth does not have any plans for the money she won. - Money as a prize is very handy. It will probably all go to booties, she smiles and continues to feed her dogs.

Easter weather

Also Marit Beate Kasin seems to be in a good mood. She also took hay with her, which points to her staying for a while as well. She had earlier pointed out that this was mild weather for her dogs, that are used to much colder temperatures. - This is just Easter weather, she declared at the start of this last stage.