Cash prizes are waiting at Grimsbu I

Author: Tonje LilleĆ„s (transl. Tove Tronslien)         Publish date: 02.02.13 22:14

At Checkpoint Grimsbu I cash prizes are waiting for the five first arriving teams in the F600 race.

It is not pennies that the mushers can take away from Grimsbu I. First musher to arrive will receive NOK 8000; second musher to arrive will receive NOK 5000. The third team received NOK 3000; fourth will get NOK 2000, and the fifth musher to the checkpoint take away NOK 1000.

The first teams are expected to arrive at Grimsbu I very early Sunday morning and it will be exciting to follow the teams and to find out who will leave Grimsbu I with the cash prizes.