Definitely a rookie

Author: Erlend Strand (transl. Tove Tronslien)     Photo: Erlend Strand     Publish date: 02.02.13 22:01

More than half of the starters of the F400 are rookies. However, most of them will have a bit more experience than Trond Morten Helgesen - he has only been dog sledding for one year.

Trond Morten Helgesen is quite satisfied with the race from Røros to Tufsingdalen.

"I have had a nice journey in an amazing landscape," he says. His ambitions aren’t too high, his goal it to finish - with all the dogs being well. This makes sense; he has had to borrow dogs in order to start. "I've borrowed three dogs from Torun Garder, and they have done an excellent race. Write that down and she’ll be happy," he says with a smile.

Trond Morten is well aware of being one of very many rookies. He thinks it is the best – "It's a small and good community. Everyone are being nice and are helping each other out no matter who you are," he tells us. "I hope the sport can handle the growth and remain that way," he ends.

He has clearly picked up some tips and tricks; he was busy treating his dogs with massage and applying leg warmers for the dogs.