Following in Dad's Trail

Author: Erlend Strand (transl. Tove Tronslien)     Photo: Erlend Strand     Publish date: 02.02.13 20:53

Torgeir Øren is one of the founding members of Femundløpet. Following a few years break from Femundløpet, he is this year making a comeback. This time, he is bringing along his daughter, Vilde.

At Checkpoint Tufsingdalen both of them are busy massaging the dogs, it’s a matter of being ahead of the game to prevent injuries. Particularly when the tracks are heavy and slow.

"It was a bumpy ride and that is tough on the upper body for the dogs," Torgeir explains. He uses peppermint oil to loosen the tight muscle of the dogs.

The tracks have by no means scared of his daughter, Vilde Amundsen Øren. She is also massaging her dogs. The teams are equal but it is dad has been leading most of the way.

Vilde is no rookie, last year she claimed fourth in Femund Junior. Questioned about her ambitions to improve last year's result she says “I will be satisfied if I finish."

And as if the father/daughter team wasn’t enough, the wife/mother is also participating. Mary Amundsen does not envy the racers. She has raced Femundløpet, but enjoys mushing better when leisurely. "It's not a big deal being a handler for 400 kilometers, it is worse being a handler for Torgeir during Finnmarksløpet," she concludes.