Hectic at Tufsingdalen

Author: Erlend Strand (transl. Femke van Gastel)     Photo: Cilje Helen Abelsen Moe     Publish date: 02.02.13 19:43

Elisabeth Edland

 Elisabeth Edland with startnumber 134 has flown past 39 teams and was the first of the F400-mushers to arrive in Tufsingdalen. It is a quiet and effective woman that takes care of her dogs. The team looks like they could have continued directly to Drevsjø. Handler Per Olav is more talkative and admits that it went really fast.

- It is just hoping it didn't go too fast, but there is only so much breaking you can do, he says. Edland has had contact with her handler during the race.

- It is not really encouraging when I report that I am driving onto Femund Lake and Per Olav rings me after ten minutes and wonders where I am, says Elisabeth, who has been first on the trail since Lange.

A few minutes after Elisabeth, Joakim Knutson arrives at the checkpoint.

- It took some time! I spoke with two moose who were at the side of the trail, he explains. He also had a nice stage, even if there was a bit of wind on Femund Lake.

Not long after another team arrives at Tufsingdalen. It is Sissel Vollan from Team Kvam, and she comes in as number three.

- I have been sqautting behind my sled to shelter from the wind over Femund Lake, so my legs are very tired now, she says.