FJr: Glory and honor at the prize giving

Author: Marianne Merli (transl. Femke van Gastel)     Photo: Marianne Merli     Publish date: 02.02.13 16:02

Glory and honor could be found in all juniormushers at the prize giving ceremony in the Kjerkegata. All got nice diploma's and prizes. The top three also got medals from Norges Hundekjørerforbund, as Femund Junior was a trial National Championship.

Gjermund and Amund

The juniormushers had to walk over the red carpet to get to the podium, as it should be. At the podium glory and honor waited for all participants. All got nice diplomas and gifts.

Niklas Rogne from Femund Trekkhundklubb should have been the first to get onto the podium, but he is already out on a new round of Femundløpet. This time as a handler. That left only to mushers on the podium. Gjermund Brennodden Budal from Folldal Trekkhundklubb got the silver medal, while Amund Rogne Kokkvoll from Femund Trekkhundklubb got the gold medal from Norges Hundekjørerforbund.