Role-switching in the family

Author: Erlend Strand Rokseth (transl. Femke van Gastel)     Photo: Erlend Strand Rokseth     Publish date: 02.02.13 12:27

There is a swarm of mini-handlers at team Kvam. Syver, Simon og Jørgen will follow their mom Sissel Vollan while she participates in F400 for the first time. Her brother in law and veteran Svein Sødahl Kvam also got the role of handler this year.

Team Kvam has swapped their roles for this years Femundløpet. This time it is Sissel Vollan that will make her Femund debut. At the same time her brother in law, Svein, and her husband Jørn Sødahl Kvam are given the task of handler.

- It gives a few extra butterfies and I would like to participate myself, he admits. Instead of Femund he will participate in the Finnmarksløpet later this winter. He is also right in pointing out that if you are with in the training and caring for the dogs, you should also get the chance to race.

He is sure the dogs are in good form, even though the training conditioners have been challenging. The team also managed a good 8th place in Gausdal Maraton two weeks ago. That time also with Sissel Vollan on the sled.

Waiting for gold

Sissel Vollan herself doesn't care to much about the fact that they are experienced Femundløpet-mushers - who have won as late as 2010 - that will be her handlers. She thinks more about the high expectations her boys have for her.

- They have already talked about gold, so I only have to deliver, she laugs just minutes before the startsignal goes in Røros.