At the startline

Author: Erlend Strand Rokseth (transl. Femke van Gastel)     Photo: Erlend Strand Rokseth     Publish date: 02.02.13 11:28

In the centre of Røros are the dogteams that will run the Femund 400 (F400) ready for their starts. When the startsignal sounds they will proceed into the mountainous area. It is important that safety is maintained.

Dogs, cars with hangers and many warm clothed people populate the streets in Røros minutes before the start. When the startsignal sounds they will go out into the treacherous mountain area. It is important that safety is maintained.

One of those responsible for that, is Simen Alhaug. He is the Technical Leader and has, among other, the job to make sure that all mushers have with them the mandatory equipment. Right now it is rookie Jonathan Öhman's sled that is being checked.

- Map. Dog food. Booties. Headlgihts. Alhaug lists the equipment and Öhman shows where it is positioned. According to Alhaug most of the mushers have everything in order. - The veterans now exactly what to pack, and the rookies are so nervous that they pack everything twice, he smiles.

A dream

Öhman his equipment is also in order. This is the first time he participates in Femundøpet, but he has dreamt about it a long time. He came into contact with the sport when he was working for the known musher Uno Stenmyr.

- I'm looking forward to the fantastic nature. I hope I can do as good as possible with all my dogs in good condition, he finishes.