FJr: Fighting for the lead

Author: Marianne Merli (transl. Femke van Gastel)     Photo: Marianne Merli     Publish date: 01.02.13 18:58

Rumours are that it is fighting for the lead. Amund and Gjermund have been driving nearly side by side since Tolga. Do they have to start looking over their shoulders? From behind, Niklas and Anette are coming.

They are all hungry for the victory.

Amund has taken a year of from school to be able to work with dogs full time. He works with the dogs from Sigrid Ekran, which are also the ones he uses during Femund Junior. Amund left Tolga with 6 dogs.

Gjermund comes from a family with a long tradition in mushing. Frankmotunet is widely known for its achievements. Gjermund took 6 healthy dogs with him out from Tolga.

Niklas drives with new sled runners and without booties to regain the lead. If the leaders are watching each other, he can quickly regain some time. Niklas also drives with six dogs.

Anette left Tolga in full speed. She had driven really good so far in the race and has also six dogs.

Kristian also left Tolga with six dogs. Kristian was a bit forlorn about his team, as he has to bitches in heat that cause some chaos in the dogs heads.

Scant 10 minutes after Kristian followed Helle. Calm and authoritive. She lets her dogs decide their own tempo, without whining. She has catched up with Kristian.

Ragnhild left Tolga with five dogs, but has no trouble keeping up with Helle. In reality it looks like Kristian, Helle and Ragnhild are going in a row.

There is definitely going to be a fight over the top places.