Femundløpet as the spearhead of Fjellregionen

Author: Ole Sylte Heggset (transl. Espen Rasch-Ekstrøm)     Photo: Ole Sylte Heggset     Publish date: 01.02.13 16:54

Municipalities, business developers and representatives of our main sponsor Rørosbanken, as well as other local businesses, meet for a little over two hours long meeting Friday morning.

The meeting was arranged by Femundløpet AS chairman Jan Kåre Gundegjerde and director Thomas Breen in the lead, a seminar where the topic was Femundløpet role as spearhead the events in the mountain Region.

Our two directors began with Femundløp development, and the goals and expectations towards further growth in the future. Parliamentary President Dag Terje Andersen came up with great perspective on the region, Femundløpet as the spearhead and the potential of the region around this race's development.

1.Visepresident the Norwegian Confederation of Sports, Jorodd Asphjell, showed that the industrial development that could be possible in the wakeof the event, and had a clear perception that Femundløpet already reached far and farther than most.

Røros bank's General Manager Arild Hagen was pleased about the big promotion Femundløpet has had in just the past few years had succeeded in getting around the event. And although their role in Femundløpet surpassed all the rest of engagements the bank had earlier been involved in, they felt that the focus on the Femundsløpet had been correct.

Finally some attendees included Røros Mayor Hans Vintervold and County Commissioner in Hedmark County Per Gunnar Sveen, had a greeting. Both talked about the importance the race had so far. Overall it was a very successful meeting, which we hope will become a tradition in the years to come. Thanks to all participants!