FJr: Only the best is good enough!

Author: Marianne Merli (transl. Espen Rasch-Ekstrøm)     Photo: Marianne Merli     Publish date: 01.02.13 15:56

Only the best is good enough for the dogs of Gjermund Brennodden Budal. He serves them minced moose meat on the checkpoint.

For Gjermund Brennodden Budal it is important to get the dogs to eat and drink enough during the race. As a starter he serves dogs a small portion of wet feed as appetizer and snack.

Then he fires up feed boiler to heat water. In to the water he drops nothing but pure, ground moose meat!

- It is important to get the dogs to eat and drink. They can lose their appetite they, just like us.           In the race it is very important that they drink and eat enough. With the moose meat I never have any problems with dogs that will not eat or drink. Moose meat is only used during the race. It tastes different, good, and there it’s a real appetizer for them!

When water with moose meat is cooked up, he mixes in the dry feed. The feed is popular, it is clear that the dogs appreciate the extra service Gjermund performs during races.

Gjermund is in second place, just three minutes after the first place. In about half an hour he will leave the checkpoint at Tolga. The question is whether the moose meat is what it takes to win Femund Junior 2013?