1750 km with a smile on the face

Author: Fredrik Ljone Holst (transl. Espen Rasch-Ekstrøm)     Photo: Fredrik Ljone Holst     Publish date: 01.02.13 14:07

A few hours before the start of the F600's Dag Broch, musher with starting number 1, is almost insolent with  ease. He is looking forward to his first 600 race.

Alt var i sin skjønneste orden da sleden til Dag Broch (t.h.) ble sjekket før start.

Sledge check is just finished without notes, and the handler has been told to fix a strap. Broch has been assigned staging area right next to Nilsenhjørnet, and seems to be happy with both it and the starting number.

-Then I will not have the hassle of "One minute, one minute" and instead get ten minutes and a little peace and quiet  when I'm going up to start. In addition, I will not have to rush to overtake people on the first stage, instead it is they who have to drive past me, he adds with a smile.And overtaking does not concern him particularly much. For Broch F600 is first and foremost a new distance - the longest he has mushed.

- and the goal is to reach the goal.-But it could still be that I throw a bit of lip to the fiercest competitors if they suddenly pass by.

But even if he is prepared to be overtaken en route to Tufsingdalen, he hopes that he can enjoy being first in the track for a while.

-I do hope they've been out and prepared the trail after juniors, so I can have a newly prepared and virgin trail, he adds, smiling again.

And smile Dag Broch has done all the way from Tana. 1750 km he covered just to get to the starting line. With several previous starts in the F400 and the tenth as his best result, he has found memories of Femundløpet and look forward to the race all the way through Finland and Sweden to Røros. But the journey home can be tiresome.

-Then I notice the lack of sleep and that there is much work while the race lasts. Thats why I tend to arrange it so that I drive alone down, but make sure to have help when I'm going home again after the race.