FJr: 13 teams has arrived at CP Tolga

Author: Marianne Merli (transl. Espen Rasch-Ekstrøm)     Photo: Marianne Merli     Publish date: 01.02.13 13:16

Checkpoint Tolga has welcomed 13 teams so far. Two teams is still out on the trail.
Junior mushers report poor glide and slow tracks. Especially the first and last part of the trail from Tufsingdalen to Tolga.

Top 5 are Amund Rognes Kokkvoll, Gjermund Brennodden Budal, Niklas Rogne, Anette Børve Hernes and Kristian Sæther. Among top 5 there are four veterans and a rookie.

Anette is both the best female and best rookie. She has warmed up by mushing Hallingen two weeks ago. She has trained extensively throughout the year, and both she and the dogs are in good shape.

- Confidence is important, says Anette.

Helle is on a 6 place, and she says that it has been going smoothly.

Rookie Ragnhild, who have only mushed for half a year, is located on the 7th place. She is happy with the race so far.

Robin on 8th says that it was hard to mush because of a lot of loose snow, and that he has been spending much time of the sled to push and run.

Eline still enjoying the race, but she can feel that this year's race is longer than last year.

Sindre came in with the sled “whole” after the repair. Sindre says that the sled is a little crocked, because one skid is higher than the other, but it still works.

Peter is not in shape, and says it is going slow.

Sigurd says that dogs are running well, but the glide is poor.

Thea think it's going terribly slow!

Vebjørn and Martin are still out on the trail.