FJr: CP Tufsingdalen are ready to receive the junior mushers

Author: Marianne Merli (transl. Espen Rasch-Ekstrøm)     Photo: Marianne Merli     Publish date: 31.01.13 22:57

At the community hall in Tufsingdalen are the waffle batter ready and the waffle iron is hot. All the tufsingdøler are encouraged to head to the Community Hall for dinner tonight. Parents, friends and handlers have already begun to fill up the community hall and the atmosphere is excited.

The section from Røros to Tufsingdalen is approximately 90 km. In the area there are approximately 3000 grazing reindeer, but they should not be in any danger or hindrance to the mushers. There are reports of loose tracks, which mean that it is difficult to mush. This means that it takes a few hours for juniors show up at the checkpoint in Tufsingdalen.

We can reveal that Amund Rognes Kokkvoll from Femund Trekkhundklubb took the early lead after start. GPS-tracking shows that he is a little in front of a group of four or five riders, and they are now out on Langen.