Femund Junior: Successful start for all junior mushers

Author: Marianne Merli     Photo: Marianne Merli (transl. Anna Helena Stoller)     Publish date: 31.01.13 18:55

«Who let the dogs out» is resounding through the Kjerkegata while Femund Junior Race 2013 is starting. In good weather conditions and 4 degrees below junior mushers are starting in a big ovation of all the spectators.

Martin Reitan starting

Like pearls on a chain they run up through the Kjerkegata, with a gap of one minute. All of the 16 competitors did have a good stard for the Femund Junior while crowded and enthusiastic viewers hail them up the steet.

For most of the young mushers was this the part they where most scared of. Now they may relax and enyoj the run over to the next checkpoint, Tufsingdal. 

Anette Børve Hernes on her way up the Kjerkgata