15 volunteers working hard with the trails

Author: Kjetil Svanemyr (transl. Anna Helena Stoller)     Photo: Kjetil Svanemyr     Publish date: 31.01.13 18:20

This years Femundløp demandes big efforts from a lot of volunteers preparing the trails before race starts. Track leader Jon Anders Kokkvoll is positiv to have full control over the 60 mil long trail. hi is in charge for the 15 snowscooters which are tracking the slopes all the way between seven communities.

Kjell Ove Kristoffersen er ansvarlig for løypeprepareringen på Folldalsrunden.

- There´s still not a plenty of snow on the first run from Røros to Tufsingdal but the conditions are more then good enough to start a safe race for dogs and mushers, so Kokkvoll.

- He says that in Tynset may be used the pedestrians bridge to run safely over the overflowed ice on the Glomma river.

Overvatn på Folla

- Aswell in Folldal we have to bypass some parts of the original trail for reason of overflow on the Folla river. Folldal Turlag (association of outdoor activities in Folldal) did fortunately agree with in useing their cross-country skitrails instead of the usual racetrail along the river, tells Jon Anders Kokkvoll.

Tracker Kjell Ove Kristoffersen from Folldal confirmed that the overflow did claim lots of additional work in the last days.

- In total the trail along the river is gonna be some km shorter then usual. But the current conditions do not allow to send dogteams to run over, it would be irresponsible, as he mentionend.

Kristoffersen is a routinier who has many yers of experience as tracker for the Femundløpet. Usually he meets with a great number of spectators in Folldal allong the river, putting up fireplaces and celebrating. This year they have to replace themselves on the hillside if they want to cheer on the teams coming towards Grimsbu checkpoint.