Maps and GPS data

Author: Morten Haugseggen         Publish date: 31.01.13 14:42

Some of you seems to be struggeling uploading data to your GPS devices. This is the reason for publishing this guide. All data you need can be found here:

Below the Google map there should be four buttons with the text "Alle data", "Femund 600", "Femund 400" and "Femund Jr". In addition there should, on each button, be three links: "KML", "GPX" and "GDB". If you can't see these buttons you need to update your browser. In addition there are three links below the row of buttons: "All data", "F600", "F400" and "Fjr". These links point to files custom made for handheld units with low memory capacity. If you are unsure which files to use, use these.

To download the files you can right click and choose "Download". The text varies depending on which browser you are using. When you click "OK" you will end up with a file in the directory you specified. If you, for instance, clicked the link called "All data" you will end up with a file called "all_light.gpx" in your folder.

Now comes the hard bit. The Femundløpet organization does not have intimate knowledge of all GPS devices. Hence it is up to you to figure out how to transfer the data files from your own computer to the GPS device. On most Garmin devices you just have to plug in the USB cable and transfer the GPX file to the GPX folder on the device.

Good luck!